supra key safe won't open

Talk to a human... Keysafe installation services are suspended until further notice.

Your first step is to pull that switch down in order to clear the lock. If you have just purchased the property the solicitors or estate agents may have been given the code. Step One: In the centre of the box, you will see a sliding switch that clips up and down.

If this is the case, the keybox owner or listing agent may call the Association/MLS for further instructions. As a mechanical product the code can be one digit or up-to 12 characters long and anything in between. Alternatively, you can leave the key safe empty and with no code set, then the new owners can set their own memorable code and enjoy the convenience of having a spare key securely stored outside.For more information on how to reset the code using the handy code changing tool provided

How to use the Supra C500 Police accredited key safe - Duration: 1:59. If your key safe is installed in a high traffic environment, you can choose the optional alarm-activated version of the Supra P500 KeySafe™.

Once you have pushed it to the bottom, you will need to enter in a combination.

Find out

Heavy duty power tools will be needed to remove the front panel to gain access to the screws which are inside the vault area.If you are leaving a property with a key safe installed, good practice is to leave a record of the code for the new owners.
Please contact us for further information. Aaron Lewis 56,947 views. Please enable scripts and reload this page.It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. That’s three combinations with only having to press 5 buttons, instead of 3+4+5=12 buttons if the open latch also cleared it. To attempt to guess the code would be a long task, with over 1,000 code combinations on our Finally, if the code is truly lost and not recoverable, you can remove the key safe from the wall if you require, there are four screws within the vault to remove the key safe from the wall.

If you find yourself with a key safe and no code, there are only a few options available, but nothing guaranteed:Firstly, the easiest and simplest option is to find out if anyone holds a record of the code.
Investigate as much as possible as the code is really the only way to open the key safe without drastic action.Secondly, (and not really an option, sorry) you could try to guess the code.

2:06 (241) Master Lock key safe decoded The MYSTERY IS SOLVED - Duration: 2:36. The Key Safe Company 33,195 views.


Calling a locksmith would not help in this situation as they would not be able to pick the lock.

Investigate as much as possible as the code is really the only way to open the key safe without drastic action. The local authority as part of a care package may have a record of the code.

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Secondly, (and not really an option, sorry) you could try to guess the code.

Need help? As a mechanical product the code can be one digit or up-to 12 characters long and anything in between. Start with the neighbours, they may have been trusted with the code.

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