how long do turntable cartridges last

Asking how long a record stylus will last is much like asking how long a set of strings will last on a guitar. Printer manufacturers pack more toner dust in the hoppers of high-yield cartridges so you’ll get more pages per cartridge and spend less per page in the long … As for cartridge … Asking how long a record stylus will last is much like asking how long a set of strings will last on a guitar.

Obviously, the more you use the turntable, the quicker the stylus will get worn down. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at So, what are the best cartridges out there for you in terms of sheer sound quality?

If you're unsure, take a look at the end of your turntable's tonearm (the part you lift and set on the vinyl to play the music). Lifewire uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience and for our Comparing Moving Magnet and Moving Coil Phono Cartridge TypesHow Using a Record Cleaner Keeps Vinyl Collections Sounding PristineHow to Digitize All Your Vinyl Records for Mobile Device ListeningThe Best CD Recorders and CD Recording Systems of 2020Home Theater A/V Connections – Disappearing OptionsThe Yamaha A-S1100 Analog Stereo Integrated Amplifier This same concept applies to how you would treat a turntable — if the cartridge is still in good condition, replace only the stylus. Let me throw another consideration onto this quickly mounting pile of vinyl concerns: Does your turntable’s stylus need replacing? If you have an But, like anything else, a stylus is subject to wear and tear over time. This The website for vinyl in the digital age. Should you choose to purchase through one of our links, we may take a small commission for the final sale. Playing vinyl records is a demanding physical process that involves your stylus traveling a great distance. If you don’t show your stylus the respect it deserves by paying attention (even passing) to how many hours it’s clocking and retiring it when necessary, the effects will be more than just compromised playback. If you’re unsure about how much to spend, compare your costs against the rest of your equipment. Your stylus will confront, dirt, dust, debris, and even scratches as it traverses miles of grooves over the course of its useable life.Not surprisingly, a stylus needs to be tough if it’s going to last the distance. If you If you want to push your stylus beyond my admittedly over cautious annual replacement (or the 1000 playing hours rule), you’ll need to check carefully for signs of wear. Although many manufacturers have created their own proprietary designs (e.g. Maintaining a log of the hours played by the turntable can help determine when it's time to replace the cartridge or stylus. If your cartridge is a moving coil design, then you may have the shell out for an entirely new cartridge – unless the manufacturer offers a re-tipping service. They are usually not cheap, but most users don’t like to throw out a $2K cartridge when they can get a $400-500 rebuild. The next important consideration—but only if you're replacing the whole cartridge After you know the mass range and cartridge mounting style needed, you’ll have to decide between a moving magnet or moving coil cartridge type. The most important thing is to treat your stylus with care, keep in mind how many hours it’s in service (ballpark is fine), and ensure the records you’re playing are clean and kept in good condition. Keep in mind, 1000 hours is a *long* time of playing vinyl.

Generally, more expensive cartridges use higher quality, more precisely cut diamonds which may result in longer life. Expert Stylus in the UK and Soundsmith in the US are the most widely known. Look out for jagged edges or bends in the needle head. Make sure you replace it before it starts doing damage to your records.Stay tuned for more blog posts about how to care for your stylus correctly, the different types available, as well as different types cartridges and how to pick the right one for your turntable.If your DJing, highly recommend the Reloop Concorde Vibe by Ortofon – There are many independent moving coil retipping services in various countries. The stylus, or what you might call the needle, is a vital component of any turntable. If you’re using a moving coil cart, a worn stylus usually spells the end, though the manufacturer may offer retipping.There are a few things you can do to treat your stylus right and prolong its lifespan (if you’re brave enough to flout the manufacturers recommendations). Go with Shure's recommendation. a hiss or static on a record where previously there was none.

This wear manifests itself as a light, fuzzy distortion in the high-end, and becomes more obvious as wear increases. Some stylus replacements come with installation instructions, but the best reference is your own turntable's product manual, which should show the best steps for replacing your turntable's stylus. But despite the fact most styli are made from diamond (one of the top ten toughest materials known to man) your stylus will eventually wear out. First, decide on how much to spend. Here are some of the basics:Fortunately for your bank balance, you will likely only need to replace the stylus component, not the main cartridge body – although in many cases, a replacement stylus can cost almost as much as the entire cartridge.

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